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Add : No.1988Wai Qingsong Road,Qingpu District,Shanghai

Contact person : MS ZHAO

phone : 13813188766

Tel : 021-59786358

E-mail : zhchinfong.com@gmail.com

Company Profile

 ZHGF Machine Co.,Ltd is a professional machine manufacture,integrating design,production,sale,service and trading as a whole system.With strong technology, research and development centre, employs lots of experienced professional in the industry.Our company purchases lots of production and inspection equipment, in order to insure product accuracy and performance with high level.Our company has ISO9001:2000 Certificate,for standardization production and product quality system.
Our products are widely used in manufacture of  household electrical appliances,auto,hardware,electron and so on, by the client's praise 。ZHJF machine company has good market and many marketing offices in china, Our products have been sold to Euro, America, Africa, Asia, with a good reputation.
With company principle of “success by Technology,Quality,Customers and Credit”,we are sincere to cooperats and establish beneficial business relationship with you.