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J76 Series Straight Side High-speed Two-point Press Line

Makeup: uncoiler , S-type material straightener , gear exchanger of feeder, lubricating device for material, closed-type double-crank high-speed precision press.
Separated-structure and high-rigidity cast iron frame , based and crossbeam are tightened by four tensile screw rods, with high rigigity and less angular deformation.
Imported pneumatic combination friction clutch-brake , with low noise, long service life, large clutch torque and small braking angle, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action.
The machine has dynamic balancing system, reducing the noise from vibration, extending the service life of the dies and improving working environment.
Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods ,ensuring the precision of bottom dead center.
Automatic oil-forced lubrication system ,and alarming function for oil route failure.
Frequency control motor is adopted ,with adjustable strokes.
Programmable cam controller(encoder), to ensure convenient operation and reliable performances.
Automatic temperature control system and using the thermal compensation technology to control the position of bottom dead center in high precision.
Four-point crankshaft supporting  structure, enhancing the strength of crankshafts, less deformation ,high rigidity and strong load deviation resistant capability(80~300T).
The structure of guide column and guide pin bushing is adopted, completely eliminating, the side force produced by connecting rod on the slide in swing, ensuring the precision of the slide (80~300T).
Slide is guided by clearance-free ball bearing guide column and guide pin bushing, ensuring the precision of the slide (80~300T).


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