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YS1/YS1Z Series Straight Side Single Crank Press

Steel-welded and closed-type structure frame, eliminating angle deformation and enhancing the processing precision and entending die durability.
Pneumatic combination friction clutch-brake, low noise and long service life, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action.
Eight-side long rectangle guides of the slide in high moving precision and high accuracy.
Imported hydraulic overload protection device, effecting emergent stop against overload and auto-restoration after problem solved, effective protecting the dies and preventing damage to the press.
Motorized die height adjustment.
Automatic oil lubrication system, to ensure smooth operation.
Photoelectric protector, transmission output axle, feeder, air cushion and other optional accessories are available for the power press subject to the user's demands.
YS1A is stroke adjustable press,YS1L is Link Drive press.

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